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Vestibular Therapy for Vertigo & Dizziness

There are three kinds of dizziness that our experienced physiotherapists can assist with:

1. Positional Vertigo (otherwise known as BPPV)

You may have been told that you have a ‘problem with the crystals is your ears’ or you may roll over in bed or bend down and experience a temporary spinning sensation. If this sounds like your condition, we can assess and treat this with a series of specific manoeuvres. It can usually be resolved within a few sessions. Cervical dizziness accompanies this condition in some patients (see below).

2. Vestibular Nerve Irritation (Vestibular Neuritis or Vestibulopathy)

The second condition has varied terminology but is simply an irritation to the nerve that carries information about balance from your inner ear to your brain. This usually occurs suddenly and may or may not be associated with a recent viral illness. Acute management by your GP usually involves medication to calm the sensitivity of the condition. Then within a few weeks this medication should be ceased. Following this, we can design a specific exercise program to retrain your balance system and help your nervous system to compensate for the injury to the nerve.

3. Cervical (Neck) Dizziness

Cervical dizziness is usually caused by stiffness in the upper neck. Some patients won’t complain of neck stiffness or pain as they may just be ‘used to it’. Manual treatment to the neck region as well as correction of any ergonomic, postural factors or muscle weakness will assist with this condition.

*Our experienced physiotherapists are trained to rule out sinister pathology and other non-sinister causes of dizziness with a series of screening questions and a thorough clinical assessment.

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