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Changing Lives

We take the time to deliver a personal, high-quality experience. At Integrity Physiotherapy in Como South Perth, we treat you like family.
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Integrity Physio South Perth & Como Area

At Integrity Physiotherapy, we take the time to give you a quality experience. We allow 30 minutes for all in-clinic appointments at our Como clinic so we can be thorough, and you have time to ask questions. Plus, you can expect treatment from your first consultation at our Como physiotherapy clinic!

Our experienced team at Integrity Physio are a wealth of knowledge and expertise. We have you covered, for a wide range of conditions from our modern Como – South Perth Physiotherapy Clinic.

Our interventions include joint mobilisation and manipulation, massage, dry needling, specific home exercise prescription and one on one clinical pilates/clinical exercise sessions with our physiotherapist in Como, Perth. We are also highly experienced in the treatment of vertigo and jaw pain.

Our clinic is located on Preston St in Como where you’ll find some great places to enjoy a meal or a coffee after your appointment. We look forward to seeing you!

Services We Offer


Vertigo And Dizziness

Vertigo and dizziness can have a devastating impact on your daily life. Symptoms can range from mild to severe. People wh...

Chest Physiotherapy

Are you dealing with a respiratory infection, post-surgery complication, or chronic respiratory disease? Physiotherapy ca...

Jaw Pain and Dysfunction

Jaw pain can impair many of our daily functions, including speaking, eating, and even general facial expressions. We can ...

Neck Pain & Headaches

Neck pain can be debilitating, and is often caused by tight muscles or joints. We manipulate and mobilise joints or use p...

Physio For Hip Pain

Your hip region is prone to a variety of injuries. We can find the root cause of your pain and work towards recovery with...

Physio For Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow can cause havoc on daily life, preventing you from performing certain gripping and twisting tasks. We can he...

Physio for Sprains & Strains

Muscle sprains and strains can put you out of action for a while. Physiotherapy helps with rehabilitation by combining ma...

Physio For Knee Pain

Our knees support us everyday, so it’s easy to see why knee pain is so common! Luckily, physiotherapy treatment can hel...

Sprained Ankle Treatment

Sprained ankles can be very painful. They occur when the ligaments have been overstretched, resulting in a mild “twiste...

Nerve Pain

Nerve pain is a broad statement which can affect many areas, including: the arms, legs and face. Nerve pain is commonly a...

Physio For Arthritis

Physiotherapists are highly experienced in the assessment and treatment of symptoms associated with arthritis. We can hel...

Motor Vehicle Injuries Including “Whiplash”

If you’ve experienced whiplash from a car accident or blow to the head, physiotherapy can reduce pain and inflammation ...

Back Physiotherapy

Whether it happens suddenly or occurs over time, back pain can stop you in your tracks. Our treatment plans will reduce p...

Shoulder And Upper Limb Pain

The shoulder is our most mobile joint – making it especially vulnerable! Exercises and manual therapy will help reduce ...

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common types of foot pain. Plantar fasciitis develops when the connective tissue, wh...
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Welcome to Integrity Physio
The Best Solutions for Your Individual Needs

30 Minute Consultations

Treatment On The First Visit

Expert Diagnosis

Tailored Solutions


Personalised Assessments and Treatments

At Integrity Physio, we’re passionate about helping you to enjoy life free from pain or discomfort. Our Perth Physiotherapists provide personalised assessments and treatments for a variety of conditions. Our clinical pilates/strength and conditioning will help you recover and reach your goals in a friendly and supportive environment.

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OUR SERVICES Treatment on the First Visit

Our experienced Physiotherapists in South Perth/Como, provide a range of services that are tailored specifically with your recovery in mind.

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WHY CHOOSE US Giving You A Quality Experience

Expert Diagnosis

During our assessment we will clearly communicate to you a diagnosis for your condition so you feel confident about the direction we are taking.

Tailored Solutions

Given our experience, complex injuries and chronic pain is what we do best. We understand that each person is unique in their clinical presentation and requires a thorough assessment and an individualised approach.

Postural And Ergonomic Advice

Research has changed the way we look at posture and ergonomics. We stay up to date so you get the best advice.

Workers Compensation

During our assessment we will clearly communicate to you a diagnosis for your condition so you feel confident about the direction we are taking.

HCF Preferred Provider

As a preferred provider for HCF, you get the highest possible rebates and therefore less out of pocket expenses.

Department Of Veteran Affairs (DVA)

We accept patients under DVA. Please see your GP for a referral.


We accept Medicare EPC Plans from your GP. For further information about Medicare rebates and gap fees, please view our physio fees page.

30 Minute Consultations

We allow 30 minutes for all consultations including those under Medicare to ensure you receive a high-quality service.

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