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Joint Replacement Rehab in Como, Perth

Joint replacement rehab helps with the recovery process after surgery.

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A physiotherapy treatment plan plays a huge role in your joint replacement recovery

Physiotherapy can be a very important aspect in the rehabilitation process after common joint replacements such as hip and knee replacements. How each patient responds to surgery is different and individual assessments and specific recovery programs are required to achieve each patients’ goals in a safe and effective way.

Pre-surgery physio, otherwise known as ‘prehab’, is also very beneficial in achieving an accelerated positive outcome post-operatively.


Physio Before Surgery

Many people don’t consider starting physio before surgery. However, pre-surgery exercises can help to improve muscle strength and range of motion in your joints, reducing the risk of complications and improving recovery time.

Physiotherapy before surgery introduces specific exercises that will benefit you before and after surgery. Increasing your level of condition pre-operatively and getting used to specific home exercises will allow you to transition more quickly into your post-operative rehab.

Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery replaces the weight-bearing areas of the knee joint which relieves disability and pain. Commonly this surgery is done for those with severe osteoarthritis. Knee replacement surgery is also performed for those with other diseases affecting the knee joints such as psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Knee replacement surgery may consist of a total knee replacement or just a partial replacement. Generally, the aim is to replace the damaged or diseased parts of the joint with plastic and metal components restoring normal motion to the knee.

Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery is needed for those with severe osteoarthritis that makes daily activities difficult and when other treatments are no longer working. A total hip replacement involves removal of the damaged acetabulum and femoral head in the hip joint, and replaces it with a prosthetic implant.


The Recovery Process

For those who have knee replacement surgery, many start to feel better within a few weeks. Joint replacement rehab in Perth is an important part of the recovery process to help gain back full knee strength, motion and function. Joint replacement rehab in Como after knee surgery aims to:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce pain
  • Strength the muscles surrounding the knee
  • Normalise muscle length
  • Improve knee cap alignment
  • Improve overall knee function
  • Prevent re-injury

The recovery process for a total hip replacement begins soon after surgery guided by your physio in perth. Many precautions need to be taken after a hip replacement due to the surrounding muscles and soft tissues being weaker and less stable after surgery. Due to this, certain movements and positions are restricted to prevent the risk of joint damage or dislocation. Hip joint replacement rehab in Perth may include some of the following while still in hospital:

  • Bed exercises to reduce the risk of blood clots
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Getting in and out of bed under supervision
  • Practicing standing and walking with a mobility aid
  • Practicing walking up or down stairs
  • Strength and range of motion exercises


Joint replacements require major surgery, and carefully planned rehab and supervised recovery time. Joint replacement rehab in Perth often begins in the hospital. Pre-surgery rehab helps to prepare the patient for surgery and improve recovery time. Post operative rehab once you go home can be taken care of at your local physiotherapy clinic with experience in joint replacement rehab.

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