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Treatment on the First Visit

At Integrity Physio our patients tell us that they appreciate a ‘hands on’ approach from the first visit. Whilst specific exercises are critical to recovery for most conditions, our patients tell us they value manual treatment to reduce their pain and improve their mobility. When patients are in pain or unable to move, they often struggle to perform exercises effectively to relieve their symptoms. As such, whilst we will often introduce an exercise or two in the early stages to help patients get the most out of treatment, our immediate focus is to reduce pain and improve mobility using ‘hands on’ manual therapy.

Once pain is reducing and mobility and exercise tolerance is increasing, our focus becomes more biased towards ensuring you have the exercises you need to achieve long term results. This is achieved through detailed assessment and a clinical exercise program that can be modified, fine tuned and made gradually more challenging until you reach your desired goals.


The Integrity Physio Team

At Integrity Physio, we have three very experienced Senior Physiotherapists and a Specialist Physiotherapist; all with well over 10 years in clinical practice so you can feel confident you’re in safe hands. We allow 30 minutes for all our consultations so we can take the time to give you a quality experience and ensure your questions are answered.

Leslie Trigg Physio

Leslie Trigg

Leslie is a Senior Physiotherapist and Director of Integrity Physiotherapy Como. He has over 13 years experience in clinical practice primarily in the management of musculoskeletal pain conditions, gym rehabilitation, vertigo/dizziness and jaw pain.

Leanne Birchall Physio

Leanne Birchall

Leanne is a Senior Physiotherapist with over 14 years experience in clinical practice. She holds a postgraduate qualification in Sports Physiotherapy as well as certifications in Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), Dry Needling and Clinical Pilates.

Ryan Browning Physio

Ryan Browning

Ryan is a Senior Physiotherapist with over 11 years experience in clinical practice. He graduated from Auckland University of Technology in 2009 and has spent the last decade developing his skills in private practice musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

Vaidas Stalioraitis

Vaidas Stalioraitis

Vaidas has earned the title of Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist due to his extensive additional training and qualifications in Physiotherapy. He has completed two masters degrees, a rigorous specialisation program and has over 14 years experience in clinical practice.

Julie Physio Practice Manager


Julie is Practice Manager and Director of Integrity Physiotherapy. Her warm disposition is sure to make you feel at ease as you enter our clinic. She enjoys tennis, rock climbing, listening to music and spending time with family.

hcf preferred Physio

As a preferred provider for HCF, you get the highest possible rebates and therefore less out of pocket expenses.

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  1. the state of being whole, unimpaired, or in perfect condition.
  2. to behave in accordance with moral and ethical principles; to exhibit soundness of moral character; honesty.

Our name has been carefully chosen to align with our vision and mission. In order to bring people to their best state of health we need to put patients first. This means continually revising our approach to clinical practice with advancements in physiotherapy research, always looking for long term solutions for our patients and equipping our patients to become more independent.

Our modern, family owned and run practice is set on Preston Street in Como South Perth where you’ll enjoy convenient free parking, local shopping and great coffee. We look forward to meeting you!

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