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Published August 16, 2019

Pregnancy is often an exciting time for women. However, there are many changes during this time which can put a lot of strain on the body. Exercising during pregnancy under supervision by a qualified physio can support your body as it goes through these changes.

Improving your fitness during pregnancy is an excellent way to maintain a strong and healthy body, as well as provide many social benefits. Participating in exercise during pregnancy is perfectly acceptable and safe when performed at an appropriate intensity and depending on any concurrent medical conditions.

It is recommended that those who were active before pregnancy should remain active, gradually reducing their intensity over the period of the pregnancy. For those who were inactive before pregnancy, it is beneficial for both mother and baby to gradually increase daily activity to a low level.

Experts in clinical pilates in Perth can provide a gentle and safe setting to enhance and maintain fitness during pregnancy. Physio pilates in Perth is becoming more sought-after, as it is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise for pregnant women, due to the essential principles of core strength, increasing flexibility, improving posture and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. It also allows a low impact form of exercise. The following are its known benefits:

Muscle Strength And Flexibility

Pilates during pregnancy provides safe exercises that help with flexibility, stretching and maintaining muscle strength. Building muscle strength during pregnancy includes all muscle groups.

Back Pain Relief

Clinical pilates can help to reduce back pain. However, if you have back pain, you should see your physio to determine the cause.

Pelvic Floor Strength

Pilates during pregnancy is especially beneficial for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy help to strengthen and tone these muscles and reduce the risk of urine leakage during and after pregnancy.

Mental Health

Pilates has been shown to reduce stress, improve mood and promote relaxation. This can help with decreasing the symptoms of depression and anxiety during and after pregnancy.


Exercising during pregnancy should be done with care. You should avoid high impact sessions, any movements which involve sudden direction changes, a lot of jumping or bouncing or anything which increases the risk of falling.

  • As your baby grows, your centre of gravity changes. This may cause difficulty in performing certain poses or movements that you could previously perform. Always avoid movements which cause you to feel unbalanced or at risk of a fall.
  • As you weight increases, greater strain is placed on your joints and muscles. Always stay within your comfort zone and stop if you feel any discomfort.
  • During the second and third trimester, do not exercise while lying on your back. The weight of your baby will push against the large blood vessels in the back of your abdomen limiting blood flow through your body.
  • Always warm up and cool down, and don’t push yourself too hard. Ligaments become more relaxed during pregnancy due to hormone changes which increase the risk of injury if you push yourself too hard.

Exercise during pregnancy can support your body as it undergoes many changes during this exciting time, as long as care is taken and you maintain communication with your Physio and GP. It is also best to consult a trusted professional with Physio Pilates in Perth. A well-planned exercise program is important for achieving health and wellness during pregnancy.

Leslie Trigg

Director & Senior Physiotherapist at Integrity Physiotherapy Leslie Trigg, has over 15 years of experience in clinical practice. He has graduated with a degree in Human Biology (Anatomy and Physiology) from Curtin University in 2001 and later completed a Masters of Physiotherapy in 2007. He has tremendous experience in musculoskeletal, orthopaedic, neurosurgical and sports physiotherapy. In his spare time, he enjoys swimming, listening to music and spending time with his family.