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Nerve Pain - Back Pain
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Nerve Pain Physiotherapy

Nerve pain is common and is something we treat very regularly. Patients will often attend our clinic saying ‘It’s so painful, I think I might have pinched a nerve’. At times though when muscles and joints within the body become tight and inflamed they can produce severe, sharp pain that can be perceived as ‘nerve pain’. Our experienced physiotherapists can assess and determine whether a nerve is really involved or whether another structure is the cause of the problem. They can then explain to you exactly what is causing your pain and proceed with the most appropriate treatment.

The most well known true nerve pain condition is ‘sciatica’ where people experience a pain travelling from the lower back down the thigh into the leg. Most of the time the sciatic nerve is not ‘pinched’ or compressed but sensitised, and appropriate physiotherapy treatment with one of our experienced practitioners can help.

Many people ask ‘Do I need an X-ray, MRI or CT scan etc?’ Our experienced physiotherapists are highly trained to exclude red flags (serious pathology needing further investigation) using appropriate clinical questions and examination before imaging of any kind is necessary. This can all be addressed in your first consultation

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