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Neck Pain
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Neck Physical Therapy

There are many causes of neck pain including trauma from motor vehicle accidents (MVA), stress, posture or occupation. Neck pain is usually caused by tight muscles or joints and often leads to headaches. When the nerves in the neck are sensitised it can even lead to pain travelling into the arm.

When the muscles of the neck are too tight it can lead to what are called ‘tension headaches’ and these often respond well to massage and dry needling/acupuncture. When the joints of the neck are too tight they respond well to mobilisation and manipulation. In many cases the joints and muscles of the neck are both too tight and a combination of treatments is the most effective.

When the upper segments of the neck are too tight it can cause other symptoms such as dizziness, blurred vision, difficulty concentrating/focusing or nausea. This can be addressed with the treatment techniques above.

Chronic neck pain often leads to deconditioning of the neck muscles and a strengthening program is often needed to see long term change. Our experienced physiotherapists can help to determine the contributing factors to your neck pain and explain what is needed to help you get lasting relief.

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