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Leanne Birchall Physio

Leanne Birchall

A little about Leanne:

Leanne is a Senior Physiotherapist with over 14 years of experience in clinical practice. She holds a postgraduate qualification in Sports Physiotherapy as well as certifications in Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), Dry Needling and Clinical Pilates. She has many years of experience working across all age groups – particularly those in high-level competition. This includes children experiencing growth spurts, active and sedentary adults and seniors.

Leanne spent her early career in South Africa after graduating with honours from the University of Cape Town in 2006. Since then she has maintained a determination to get to the cause of a patient’s problem. She is a highly proficient manual therapist and very experienced in dry needling and exercise prescription.

Leanne is dedicated to the profession and her patients, continually expanding her knowledge with new developments in research. She is also regularly refining her skills in manual therapy as new courses and methods of treatment come available. Outside of work, Leanne likes keeping active, getting involved in team activities and spending time outdoors.

Additional notes for patients:

Leanne treats a wide range of conditions including vertigo and jaw pain (TMD) conditions. She also provides chest (respiratory) physiotherapy and is experienced in dry needling.


Favourite movie: Legends of the Fall
Favourite ice-cream flavour: White Chocolate / Caramel
Book I have read the most times in my life: Brukner and Khan Clinical Sports Medicine – a bit nerdy but my copy is literally falling apart 🙂
Favourite travel destination: Vietnam
Favourite food: Chinese/Japanese/Vietnamese

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