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TMJ Physiotherapy Treatment for Jaw Pain


Jaw pain is common but often goes untreated. Most people aren’t aware that a physiotherapist experienced in this area can help!


Symptoms may include:

• Clicking or clunking of the jaw joint
• Headaches, pressure or tension in the cheek, face or temple region
• Reduced ability to open the mouth (eating, dental examination)
• Difficulty chewing firm foods
• A blocked feeling in the ear or tinnitus (ear ringing)

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Jaw pain can be caused by the following:


• Trauma to the jaw
• Abnormal bite
• Grinding your teeth
• Stress


Treatment often includes a range of manual treatment techniques including joint mobilisation, massage and dry needling (optional). In addition, your physiotherapist may prescribe specific exercises including jaw stretches and/or movement control exercises. Where relevant, your physiotherapist will communicate with your Dentist, Oral Medicine Specialist or Oral Surgeon to keep them up to date on the treatment you are receiving.

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