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    Exercise Rehab

    The Benefits Of Exercise Rehab

    The focus of exercise rehab is to identify areas of muscle weakness or poor movement quality that may be contributing to your pain and develop that knowledge into an individualised program. Exercise rehab Perth plays a vital role in the recovery from injury and pain. Exercise rehabilitation aims to restore normal function and reduce pain, helping you to return to your activities with minimal risk of re-injury. It is true that resting can relieve symptoms in many cases, however, this has been associated with some negative outcomes and as a result, movement is encouraged when healing from most injuries

    Why Movement Helps with Rehab

    Returning to sport or everyday activities after an injury can be difficult. Although rest has been prescribed for injuries in the past, studies now show that exercise and movement are more effective when healing from pain and injury. Of course, this does depend on the severity of the injury, but in most cases, exercise rehab Perth can help.

    Research has shown that inactivity reduces blood flow to muscles and leads to tissue atrophy (the loss or breakdown of muscle tissue). On the other hand, movement increases blood flow, driving oxygen to the injured areas and removing metabolic waste. Movement stimulates tissue healing.

    Movement is also effective for chronic pain and has a host of other benefits for the heart, lungs, brain and digestive functioning. Movement is one of the best things you can do to heal from most injuries, as long as it’s done within the limitations of your condition. This is when a qualified professional, such as a physiotherapist can help.

    Exercise Rehabilitation

    After an injury, it’s important to establish an effective rehabilitation program with your physiotherapist. Your physio will accurately diagnose your condition and provide a treatment plan which will include exercise rehab.

    Exercise rehab Perth can be adapted to each stage of recovery, starting with basic stretching and joint mobilisation exercises. As your condition improves, further exercises are added to improve your ability to perform everyday tasks. In the final stage, you will begin more complex exercises to increase strength, stamina and flexibility. This will assist in reducing the chance of re-injury.

    The benefits of exercise rehab include:

    • Reduced pain
    • Faster recovery time
    • Increased strength and stability
    • Increased endurance
    • Improved mobility
    • Reduced chance of re-injury

    The benefits of exercise rehab include:

    • Muscle imbalances
    • Post-surgery recovery
    • Chronic pain
    • Movement disorders
    • Movement correction and education
    • And much more

    Integrity Physio’s highly qualified team can provide a detailed assessment and individualised programs to help you reach your recovery goals. The benefits of exercise rehab go beyond the specialised equipment and friendly atmosphere; with one on one supervision, you can achieve much better results while maintaining your safety at all times. Contact our friendly staff if you would like to know more about one on one rehabilitation sessions.

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