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Clinical Pilates/Reformer Pilates/Clinical Exercise

At Integrity Physio Como/South Perth our approach to Clinical Pilates and Clinical Exercise brings together our many years of experience and attention to detail. Rather than offer group sessions, our dedicated Senior Physiotherapists deliver one on one (1:1) Clinical Exercise to ensure you achieve results. Our experienced Physiotherapists will draw from a wide range of exercise rehabilitation methods including clinical pilates, reformer pilates, functional strength training, resistance training, neurological mobilisations, muscle sequencing and breathing control to ensure you receive a program that is right for your specific condition.


Our Senior Physiotherapists will take the time to learn about your condition, develop your program and teach you how to perform it correctly in our Clinical Exercise Studio. As we establish your program and you gain confidence, you will have the option to work in our studio independently with or without regular physio supervision. If you have equipment at home or have your own gym or pilates membership you are welcome to utilise our 1:1 sessions to keep you on track and achieving the best results. So whether you are suffering from persistent pain, need help with mobility, recovering from surgery or for exercise options during pregnancy (pregnancy pilates) we are here to help!


Worried about getting sore as you begin to exercise? We are very experienced in helping people become active and stay active, regardless of their health condition. Exercises can be progressed or regressed according to your fitness level, pain and level of ability. Also, we will typically choose exercises that are low impact, making our approach suitable for people suffering from back pain, tendon injuries, postural pain, chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia or pregnancy and post-natal recovery.


Our Clinical Exercise Studio boasts only the highest quality equipment with your safety and comfort in mind. It includes an FT2 state of the art functional trainer and a top of the range Pilates Reformer. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced in exercise, you can be sure that your program will be tailored to you.


If you still have questions about our Clinical Exercise Consultations or would like to make a booking please give us a call on (08) 9368 0458 or book online. We look forward to meeting you!

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